G.O.L.F. In The Parks

2023 Golf Tournament

 Save The Date: May 1st

 G.O.L.F. in the Parks Is a Golf infused community-based initiative that facilitates mindfulness, the mind-body connection, self-sufficiency, and fitness within the community we serve.


G.O.L.F. (Goals, Opportunity, Leadership and Fun)  is a collaborative project between @ The House, Inc. and First Tee of Greater Baltimore. First Tee is an international youth development organization that introduces golf and its values to young people from all walks of life. They supplied us with the learning centers to instruct our Youth. 





Contact Us

Mailing address:

5324 Cuthbert Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21215

email: organization@atthehouseinc.org

Future Site: 5345 Denmore Ave.

 (410) 205-4828