How @The House Helps Its Community

How We Help

@The House’s wide range of services touches the lives of all of our community’s residents — from age 5 to 95. We are truly a “one-stop shop” for support, resources, and human connection.

Our Mission

@The House, Inc. provides the Arlington, Baltimore community with a range of resources to nurture youth, strengthen families, and engage senior citizens, with the goal of supporting achievement, self-sufficiency, and positivity — individually and collectively. 

Our Vision

@The House, Inc. is a national model of the 21st-century Settlement House, serving as a physical and social hub for Baltimore’s Park Heights community and distinguished by:

  • A physical space for a range of services, from meeting basic needs to hosting community events
  • Programming for youth, families, and senior citizens
  • Access to available city, state, and other resources to help residents overcome challenges and realize their potential
  • A single point — and place — of contact to collectively strengthen Arlington’s social fabric.


The @The House Difference

Numbers don’t tell our whole story, but it’s a good place to start.

@ The House, Inc. has provided services and supports to 300 children and families through the following :

  • Annually prepare and serve dinner to 40-50 older foster care youth in their homes and restock their food pantry
  • Annually prepared dinner and distributing toys and needed supplies to 20 mothers and 75 of children residing in shelters
  • Develop workshops and forums for youth to express themselves within the community
  • Provide annual educational trips for 30-50 youth
  • Develop and run an annual Literacy/Golf Summer Initiative for 50 youth ages 5-13
  • Supervise over 40 Youth Workers assisting in the summer project and BMore Beautiful neighborhood clean-up
  • Secure $250,000 from the Baltimore INSPIRE program to support Arlington homeowners with home repairs.

Meet Our Founder

Pastor RandallI am Pastor Troy D. Randall, and I am the single father of four beautiful children ages 13 to 24 years old. I have two Theological degrees, a bachelor’s in Human Services and a master’s in Social Work. In addition to being the Founder and CEO of @The House, Inc., I am Co-Chair of the Northwest Faith-Based Partnership, a board member of the Northwest Partnership, and President of the Cuthbert, Cordelia, Hayward and Beaufort Neighborhood Association.

We started @The House, Inc. in 2011 with the mission to support the Foster Care community. The need was so great for sharing resources that I expanded the services to be inclusive for all ages.  Because various tasks in the neighborhood were going undone and unnoticed, I began to assist in food pantries and outreach programs in the Park Height’s community. 

My passion is helping others in need and assisting them to achieve some sense of security. It is critical to obtain the necessary resources for this work during these times of trial, but I believe our breakthrough is on the horizon. Dedicating my life to the gifts of helps ministry affords me the opportunity to help touch and change lives for the better by exposing those willing participants to another way of obtaining their life goals.  

I am operating in my calling and I do not regret the decision. My professor at Morgan State University told me to slow down in life and enjoy the path, for it is a disservice to hurry to the expected end to forfeit the journey and its lessons. For true power is knowledge learned from the bumps in life.

    Our Board of Directors


    Adrienne Lee-Joseph, President

    August Jones-Stokes, Secretary 

    Brian Ruth, Treasurer 

    Troy Randall, Founder and CEO


    Advisory Board

    Marcus Pollock     Laura Hartman     Stefan Walker     Mary Butner     Tim Carr     

    @The House — Beyond the Numbers


    “@The House is a place of love and restoration where everything you need is under one roof.”

    “@The House meets people exactly where they are and as they are — blanketing them with all the needs that society is falling short of providing.”

    “It’s a one-stop shop, where people can get help to get a job, get food, pray, get a mask, and diapers for their children.”

    “When a single parent comes in with children, wants a job, has no job, needs a resume. It’s almost indescribable that @The House can provide all of these things.”

    Contact Us

    Mailing address:

    5324 Cuthbert Ave.

    Baltimore, MD 21215


    Future Site: 5345 Denmore Ave.

     (410) 205-4828